Fiona on Toast

This is my poor neglected ex-journalism student food blog. I intend to revive it, gently, in my new(ish) capacity as an employed person in London.

As usual, it will feature my attempts at cooking,    tributes to favourite and odd foods, and pleas to anyone who also understands the joy of horseradish on toast, peanut butter and marmite together and HP straight out of the bottle.

You can find me on Twitter @fillefi.

3 responses to “Fiona on Toast

  1. I like Welsh Cakes. Also is horseradish on toast nice? Cos i do like horseradish but I also know your obsession with condiments (recall Granta in the summer – mixing mustard and ketchup and eating with (or without) quavers, plus pims).

  2. Hello! I love Welsh cakes too. And pancakes. Great blog. Will stop by from time to time!

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